Border Infrastructure Program

2003 - 2009; Project Value: $290 Million

Project Summary:

The Border Infrastructure Program (BIP) was a jointly-funded federal-provincial initiative to improve the movement of goods to and from the BC Lower Mainland’s four border crossings.  The program was designed to improve and upgrade key sections of the region’s road network resulting in better links between border crossings, ports, container facilities, industrial parks, airports and railways. These improvements involved three main projects:




Activities: With support provided by Context Research, Jack Stuempel and Associates provided advice and services in stakeholder relations and public consultation to the engineering and project management firms managing the design and construction for all three projects. The work included strategic management and support in:

Results: There was a high overall level of awareness and support of the Border Infrastructure Program.  Stakeholder issues were identified, addressed and resolved through various methods of engagement, including dialogue with neighbourhood groups and associations, business associations, municipal representatives and others as required.  Most significant among these was an issue regarding access to the Uptown business area of New Westminster which resulted in a three-way collaboration to redesign a portion of the Queensborough Interchange in a way that satisfied all parties and reduced construction costs.