Lower Lynn
Interchanges Evaluation

2011 - 2013

Project Summary:

The Lower Lynn Interchanges Evaluation process sought to address problems of safety and congestion being experienced on the Trans-Canada Highway and local arterial roads in the Lower Lynn area near the Dollarton/Main and Mount Seymour Parkway/Fern Street interchanges, north of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge. The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) and the District of North Vancouver (DNV) undertook a joint multi-level engagement process to seek consensus on a shared problem definition and improvement concept. The process included:

Activities: Working with Urban Systems Ltd., MOTI and DNV, Jack Stuempel and Associates prepared and implemented a public engagement and stakeholder relations program designed to foster support for the evaluation process and its eventual conclusions, by ensuring stakeholders and the public were provided with current and accurate information, and had an opportunity to provide meaningful input through ongoing dialogue. The program included:

Results: The dialogue and opportunity to resolve long-standing transportation issues encouraged participants to go beyond previously-entrenched positions to provide thoughtful and innovative input that focusesdon shared problems and mutual-win solutions.