Highway 91/ Nelson Road Interchange

2010 -2011; Project Value: $25 Million

Project Summary:

The Fraser Port industrial lands had grown considerably over several years with significant expansion of warehousing, logistics and container storage businesses. By 2010 approximately 1,300 jobs were being supported, with further growth expected in container traffic and related jobs.

Westminster Highway had been the only road connection to this industrial area and there were growing concerns over capacity, safety and community impacts. With a new interchange at Highway 91 and Nelson Road, heavy truck traffic was removed from Westminster Highway west of Nelson Road and re-routed via Highway 91. As a result, vehicles and trucks travelling to and from the Fraser Port lands are able to save travel time and operating costs. Other project benefits included reduced accidents and greenhouse gas emissions, improved local road conditions for farm vehicles, and opportunities for employment and business growth.

The project was undertaken by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in partnership with the Government of Canada, City of Richmond and Port Metro Vancouver.

Activities: Limitations of interchange configuration options and an aggressive implementation schedule precluded the execution of significant public consultation that would ideally occur in advance of refined conceptual design. As a result, the strategy relied heavily on the project team’s commitment to communicate with directly-affected property owners and other key stakeholders, and to make adjustments as necessary to mitigate impacts during the detailed design and implementation phases.

Key elements of the stakeholder relations strategy included:

Results: Major issues (primarily related to agricultural land impacts) were identified and addressed early. The program of comprehensive traffic management information ensured high public awareness of construction activities.