Mufford/64th at Highway 10

2011 - 2015

Project Summary:

The Mufford/64th Ave at Highway 10 Project in Langley provided a grade separation over CP rail, and added various other network improvements to provide motorists an alternative route during a rail event, improve the response times of emergency services, and remove the road/rail conflict to improve public safety. It was one of nine grade separation projects identified for implementation by 2014 under the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor (RBRC) program.

In October 2010, following extensive consultations by the Township of Langley and the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC), the ALC declined to support a design concept proposed by the Township of Langley on the basis of agricultural land impacts. In November 2010, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (BCMoT) agreed to the Township of Langley’s request to take over project delivery, and applied the results of previous consultations in preparing a revised design concept.

Activities: Jack Stuempel and  Associates worked with BCMoT and its project partners in an issues management, public consultation and stakeholder relations program that would demonstrate the Ministry’s responsiveness to issues and concerns identified by the ALC and the community, and provide an opportunity for input to be applied to the detailed design.

Results: In consideration of input received, the interchange concept was revised and presented to the public in September 2011, where it was widely acknowledged to be a significant improvement over the previous proposal.