Valley Line LRT

2014 - Present (Southeast and West); Combined Value: $4.4 Billion

Project Summary:

The Valley Line LRT is a 27-kilometre low-floor,  urban light rail transit line that will operate between Mill Woods in southeast Edmonton and Lewis Farms in west Edmonton. The first stage, Valley Line Southeast, opened to passenger service in November 2023. Stage 2, Valley Line West, is under construction with completion planned by 2028.


As a sub-consultant to AECOM, lead partner of ConnectEd Transit Partnership (Owner’s Engineer Team), Jack Stuempel was responsible for leading the City’s public engagement initiative through detailed design into early construction, with a major focus on the creation and facilitation of a series of Citizen Working Groups to ensure ongoing dialogue with affected communities. Key activities have included:

Results: While opportunites to influence design outcomes were constrained due to decisions made earlier in the design process, the ongoing dialogue contributed to some design adjustments for Valley Line West, and helped reduce the escalation of potential issues into the political sphere.