Vancouver Island Highway Project

1994 - 2002; Project Value: $1.3 Billion

Project Summary:

The Vancouver Island Highway Project (VIHP) consisted of approximately 150 kilometres of new highway construction, with an additional 80 kilometres of highway upgrades.  The project, which included more than 90 bridges, traversed sensitive environmental areas and required extensive and skillful stakeholder relations and issues management activities to foster and maintain its excellent public support.


Results: Despite controversial beginnings, the VIHP became well-supported by its stakeholders, and was the subject of two documentary productions featuring environmental initiatives developed in consultation with environmental and community representatives.  Environmental advocates reversed their earlier opposition and, on their own, began to hold media events in support of the project and its initiatives.  Support was augmented through such activities as a school safety program, frequent construction site tours and other measures to make project information accessible to the public.